theangelofvengeance asked:

Hey, I loved your betrayal of Ever After High/My Little Pony crossover heads! I was wondering, have you ever thought of making one for the boys of both fandoms? I could envision Dexter Charming as Flash Sentry (Dexter Sentry), Daring Charming as Prince Blueblood (Daring Blueblood), Hunter Huntsman as Big McIntosh (Big Huntertosh), Hopper Croakington II as Spike (Hopper Spikington II) and Sparrow Hood as Braeburn (Braebarrow Hood)? How about that?

I had been! I was fighting myself on Dexters character because I was going to make him shining armor but it makes much more sense for him to be Flash Sentry! Also the gus and helga can be the flim flam brothers. Oh boy its gonna happen.